EuroPCR 2023

EuroPCR 2023


Paris, France

Recently, one of the most significant and important annual conferences EuroPCR 2023 was held in Paris, which was attended by interventional cardiologists of the Armenian-Japanese medical center "Best Life.

Invasive cardiologists of the "Best Life" Armenian-Japanese Medical Center Khachik Hambardzumyan and Vahram Piruzyan participated in the Euro PCR interventional cardiology congress held in Paris the other day.

Once again, according to the already established custom, the "Best Life" Armenian-Japanese Medical Center will host a specialist from Moscow - cardiovascular surgeon, arrhythmologist, candidate of medical sciences Roman Sergey Ovchinnikov.

Khachik Hambardzumyan took part in the "Total occlusion and bifurcation interventions" (TOBI - Total occlusion and bifurcation interventions) conference in Milan, Italy, on November 15-17.


For the first time, endovascular prosthetics of a large aortic aneurysm was performed at "Best Life" Armenian-Japanese Medical Center.

A few days ago, the meeting with the founders of "Best Life" MC and the president of Asahi company Miyata Masahiko, vice president Tamura Hideki, regional manager Suleiman Jabrailov was very fruitful.

Rafael Manvelyan was selected as a member of the management team of the vascular section of the CCT (Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics) congress to be held in Kobe, Japan.

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