About us

The Armenian–Japanese medical Center "Best Life" was founded in 2019. The MC employs experienced and qualified specialists who regularly undergo retraining in the world's leading medical centers.

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"Best Life" medical center is equipped with the best CT scanner of its generation from the "GE" company, with a 64-layer coil. These modern equipment based on high technologies enable to obtain perfect image quality and carry out accurate diagnosis.
Computed tomography is one of the most modern diagnostic methods based on X-rays. The information obtained, after further computer processing, creates a holistic picture of organ systems, making it possible to distinguish between anatomical and physiological changes in organs.
Through computed tomography, it is possible to identify numerous pathological changes in the brain, chest and abdominal organs, retroperitoneal space and small pelvis, blood vessels, ENT organs, bones and joints, as well as the spine. If necessary, in order to confirm the diagnosis, the study is carried out using a contrast agent.

Today, the hemodialysis department is one of the leading in the country. The department is equipped with hemodialysis systems that meet international standards. Hemodialysis machines combine high standards of treatment, improve the quality of life of patients. Fresenius system provides high-quality therapy, hemodiafiltration, which is currently considered the most effective method of renal replacement therapy.


The current Polyclinic at the Armenian-Japanese Medical Center “Best Life” enrolls residents aged 0 to 18 years and over 18 years, and provides state-guaranteed medical care and services to citizens registered with the Polyclinic.

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