The polyclinic at the MC Best Life provides recruitment of persons from 0 to 18 years and older and provides state-guaranteed medical care and services to citizens registered by state order:

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About us

The operating polyclinic attached to the "Best Life" Medical Center recruits people 0-18 and over 18 and provides state-guaranteed medical care and service for citizens registered by the state order. The polyclinic carries out laboratory instrumental examinations (around the clock) and house calls. Provides necessary medication for persons included in special social groups.

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Otolaryngology, laryngotorynology (ENT) is a medical clinical discipline that studies the causes, prevention and treatment of diseases of the nose, throat (pharynx, trachea), ear and adjacent areas. Audiology is distinguished from general otolaryngology as independent specialties - the study of hearing, which studies the causes, prevention, treatment, correction and compensation of deafness and hearing loss.

A pediatrician is the first doctor in a person's life. He knows the features of the structure and development of the child's body at all stages of its growth. The main difficulty in the work of a pediatrician is that the child cannot tell where he hurts and what his complaints are. For this reason, the doctor must devote himself with all attention and sensitivity to the little patient, which will make it possible to prescribe an effective treatment.

Laboratory and diagnostic service

Our laboratory works 24/7. A home visit is also available. The laboratory employs knowledgeable specialists who approach their work with great responsibility.

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